Tradition meets modernity

The development of Madame Lancray´s cosmetics has always been influenced by her love of perfection and her innovative capacities. As a visionary in the beauty section she set milestones in the professional field of cosmetics.

The traditional products of the early times, such as “Mousse Minute,” are still part of todays’ product range but produced with a slightly modernized recipe.

In the late 80´s, Madame Lancray’s Egostyle line was one of the first cosmetics brands using liposome in its products.

And time went by faster and faster…

The developments in the cosmetic commodities market were always quite spectacular, and the boundary between dermatology and cosmetics its active ingredients as modern preventative healthcare increasingly tight.

In recent years Lancray has set standards in high efficient anti-aging cosmetics with its sublime cosmetics lines such as BEAULIFT and L´AGE D´OR. Products have numerously received the highly coveted gold BSB Award, the innovation award of the European cosmetics´ industry.

Committed to the loyal clients’ vital beauty, Madame Lancray’s vision has survived until today in the hearts and minds of the employees of this dynamic company.

Vive la beauté de la femme!

For Madame Lancray’s birthday, discover our exclusive “Edition Crème 100” at the beautician.

Edition Creme 100

The pleasantly soft and delicate scent of CRÈME 100 brings us back to the times of Isabelle Lancray. Luxurious but not intrusive, it pampers your skin. The CRÈME 100 leaves your skin with a delicate and refined feel. The innovative formulation optimally satisfies the demanding skin and gives, regardless of age, a youthful radiance. The refined composition of highly efficient, and at the same time nourishing, repair actives, such as squalane, walnut extract, as well as ultra-modern sunscreen complex, immediately provides a streamlined face contour and helps to prevent photo-aging. Edition Creme 100

Well suited for 24-hour care, the CRÈME 100 gives your skin renewed freshness and elasticity.