July 2014 - NEW Mascara Cils Intense tested by Eugénie

What is the most important step in your make-up ritual? I personally prefer eye make-up! Highlighting the eyes is an important advantage we should not ignore. They reflect more than we could imagine...

Forget your little tired eyes after a short night: I have the solution you need! J

Let me explain: Isabelle Lancray, Paris just rolled out its new Mascara Cils Intense. And through this short article, I'll describe this new treasure that I've been testing for you...

After cleansing the skin and applying your day cream – For myself, I daily use Crème au Retinol & Vitamin E – the face is ready for a makeup touch in order to shine even more. Take the Mascara Cils Intense and apply it from the root to the tip of your lashes. I moved the brush left and right to cover the whole lashes. Repeat the movement several times for even more volume. The easy to use soft and triangular brush allows the user to follow the natural curve of the eyelashes in order to create volume and length.

Tips: Before applying the mascara, use an eyelash comb to separate each of your lashes and facilitate the process. If you don't own a brush, an old mascara (Empty and dry) will also work. Once the mascara has been applied, you can repeat this movement to spread your lashes. The result will be even more beautiful!

My impressions: There is no comparison, this new mascara will open and illuminate your look without clumps. Easy to apply thanks to its fluid texture, which doesn't clump on the lashes, I've been convinced! There is a sufficient amount of product in the brush which means you don't need to dip it again and again into the mascara tube; Once or twice on each side is enough.

Results... The eyelashes are voluminous, longer and perfectly defined! These effects last all day long... YES they do!! And they won't leave any marks around the contours of the eye, which is a nice combination J

Finally, the look is intensified by the black pigments of this cosmetics product.

So now, let's just open our eyes - Here we are, finally ready to face the world!