Your Skin deserves eternal youth

With L`AGE D`OR, Isabelle Lancray opens up a completely new era in anti-aging cosmetics.

In the Twenties, a new female lifestyle was born in Paris. With heart, charm, intelligence and passion, the self-confident and fashionable women triumphantly entered into that society and are still there today.
The skincare line L`ÂGE D`OR is dedicated to this wonderful, pure femininity. It opens up a whole new era for the ultra- effective anti -aging cosmetics with visionary formulas and seductive fragrant essences. L`ÂGE D`OR products are elitist and represent a sensual homage to timeless beauty and feminine elegance.
The innovative and unique formula of L´AGE D´OR including natural fresh cells of flowers, exquisite pearl extracts and high-tech patented active ingredients give the skin radiance and act like a fountain of youth, which every woman deserves.